First Blog- What a day!

What a day 11/18/21

Hi all! Welcome, this is my first blog post (ever) so I'll keep it short. After my birthday festivities yesterday I needed to buckle down and get to my "to do" list. I had wifey package up 75% of our inventory preparing for Black Friday and we have an upcoming event at the Bethany First Church 12/4 @ 10am (message me if you would like more details) I like to get ahead if thats at all possible in this business, there is always something to do. I spent the entire day and night adding product, cleaniing up the webpage and now writing this blog to finish up. Its only 2:45am I don't need sleep. I need to get this business going! Any help, suggestions and comments are welcomed I sure need it!

I hope everyone has a safe & Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for visiting our page and I'll blog again soon. 

Creator & Founder Erin

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